Thursday, May 17, 2012

Script:- Thief

Scene 1
Thief is drinking tea at a local tea stall.
While drinking he is keeping an eye on a house at some distance without others noticing.
[long shot]
The car poarch. A family is putting their bags to the car. Close the door of house. Takes the car out of compound and then the locks the gate and drives away.
Thief pays the cash and walks away.
Scene 2
Back side of the home. Thief makes sure no one is watching and then jumps the wall. He takes out a number of keys and tries one at a time. Finally unlocks the door and gets into the house. And close the door.
Scene 3
Thief is observing the rooms. He finds staircase and goes to upper floor without making noice.
[Cut shot]
                Thief is trying to unlock a safe. Hears some noise outside. he puts his eye through the key hole and observes, sees  some shadow moving outside. Feared thief moves back and thinks some time what to do.
Puts his hand in his pocket take out a knife. He slowly opens the door and walks outside.
There is no one there. So he moves to another room. A room with a computer and lots of to do list attached to the table. He starts reading the lists and his eyes get stuck on one
“Death is always an uninvited guest”
Close up shot of his face. Looks nervous………….
Scene 4
Some one is reading a news paper in the tea stall shown earlier.
“the news of the dead body found in that house is here. It says cause of death is unknown………….”

                                                                The End

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