Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best sites for malayalam movie lovers

                This is one of the best sites to read reviews and news about the malayalam  movie world in malayalam. Most of the reviewing sites online always give positive reviews and acts like they are talking for the producers. But this site is absolutely sharp in its review. You may not always agree with them but you will enjoy their language and humor in reviews. Main reviewer is G Krishnamurthy and I have always found his reviews interesting. Also the comment section of the site is also very engaging and you see can a number of hot debates going on every time you visit. Keralites is known for their intererst in debates and talk shows as we can see from the ratings of evening talk show in channels. This critical attitude is clearly shown in the comment section of this which has got some regular visitors.
              All over the site is great and also provides you option to buy dvd's and books on films. A must visit site for movie lovers. On the negative side, some time the review gets delayed. So we cannot get a report on first day itself.

mad about movies
         This site has reviews and news about movies from different languages including malayalam. I am just a beginner in site so I cannot write a detailed review. But I am posting the site here because I saw a short film there 'inganeyum oru katha'. I felt this site is by some serious movie lovers. So I would take it to my list of good malayalam movie sites.

        Most of you would know this site. They are the official internet partner of many movies released thsese days and you would have seen their logo at the beginning of movies.  You can get trailer and stills of the movies really quickly. I would not suggest the review section of this website. I felt it is not up to the mark.

Other sites are:-

Priyayude vellithira- It is a blog. But presently not very active.
Re-vi-you- A high quality movie review sites. Includes many language movies. really interesting.

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