Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dimensions of our five senses

We know the three dimensions of vision :-  length, breadth and height. The technology have learned ways of artificially stimulating the effects of 3 dimensional viewing. But when it comes to other senses what are the dimensions?   Vision is a subset of the set senses. Hence  all other members of family should have some common properties of set sense . So if we can define a set of dimensions for visions , we should be able to do it with others also.
                The five senses we have are vision, touch, smell, hear and taste. So first problem we have to tackle is whether the rule of 3 is applicable to all senses. I mean does all of the sense have got 3 dimensions . Also can we include the shade or colour as a dimension for vision. I strongly believe it can be considered as a dimension, definitely, and  it should be. Because the colour is also a feature which can be recognized by the eye and we use it along with distance, length and breadth to distinguish various objects. So now effectively vision have become a four dimensional sense.
                Now consider touch. What are the features we can learn from touch. For that I will say, close your eyes and feel through various objects in your room. What are features you can feel? Smoothness of surfaces. When you pass your hands over your bed sheet and  cover of a book you will feel different levels of finishing. Temperature or hotness. You can definitely distinguish cold and hot waters with help of touch alone. And also you can define relative size of objects with the help of touch. What about direction? If you have closed your eyes and breeze pass touching your hair then you can definitely say the direction. So we have again have four dimensions. I cannot find any others. Let me know if you can find it. I want this to be an open debate.
                Smell- I think we can only say two smells are different . No other feature can be learned with help of smell. You cannot say direction or distance of smell or any other features from smell. Same is the case with taste we can just say the difference between two tastes nothing else can be derived from it.
                Hearing is much more sophisticated than above two. We can understand direction , distance  and quality of sound. You can distinguish between sound of your two friends. So sound have got the property which can be termed quality. So sound is 3 dimensional.
Now compiling above details as below
Vision – four dimensional
Length, breadth distance and colour
Touch-four dimensional
Smoothness, hotness, size, direction
Hearing-three dimensional
Direction, distance and quality
Smell-one dimensional
Taste- one dimensional

Monday, January 23, 2012

funny ads

I was attending a class and the tutor showed an ad,to  teach us how an idea can be effectively communicated. It was an advertisement by  some anti-smoking agency and well , it had a good built up and  interesting climax. There was this sound ohh at the end of the ad. So I thought this time I will share interesting video advertisements I have come across in my life. 

Anti smoking 

Zoozoo ad gud concept

hair cut ad

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy side

“ why do you work so hard?”
“What do you think?”
“Yes of course………..”
“So are you enjoying your  life?”
“What makes you think I am not?”
“With this 24x7 work when will you get  time to enjoy?”
“That depends on how you define your enjoyment . For me its my work  and earnings. So I don’t need any special time to enjoy. The more I work more enjoyment I get . ”
“great that’s rare. Usually people complain about work  “
“…Now tell me how do you enjoy life?”
“hmm…Earning money doesn’t please me. I want to spend it. So I spend more time spending what I earned”
“So we are on the diametrically opposite sides……”
“No.  that’s not the case. ultimately we are happy that’s what matter. You enjoy life your own way and I have my own ways.  So in the end we are on the same side the happy side. ”

The End

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I will retire along with sachin

I first started watching cricket with interest during 1996 world cup. Sachin was in great form during those days. I still remember the match between India and Windies. India was chasing a score below 200 and Sachin was hammering the ball all around. I was asking to my dad about the rules of game and all. From then on I have followed cricket with great passion.

            Even exams did not stop me from watching the game.  I was privileged to watch the game of greats like Lara,Shewag,Gilchrist,Akram,Mcgrath and many others.
             During this 15-16 years as a cricket follower there are many moments I cherish. Those which suddenly comes to my mind are……………
1. India coming back from almost a verge of test series defeat against Australia in 2001.And winning series by 2-1. Very Very  Special Laxman’s double ton is still one my favourite knocks.
2. In 1996 world cup Semi final Windies chasing Australia target around 207 and was in a great position    to win but eventually lost it by small margin owing to a batting collapse towards end.
3. South Africa’s mammoth chase against Australia.
4. Shewag’s two triple tons and ODI double ton.
5. 2005 ashes . I couldn’t  watch it live but still I have followed it closely on papers and internet and highlights.
6. Sachin double ton in ODI
7. I couldn’t remember the match but I have images of Lara dancing (He was moving along the crease with skills of a dancer)in the crease against a young Australian spinner almost destroyed him with his great skills. I haven’t seen that spinner again in international cricket. I have not seen anybody else in world cricket moving their feet with such a skill as Lara.
                There are many other memories about cricket but it is an unending list.
But over past 2-3 years cricket have started to bore me. Not many quality games are there. It have turned to be almost  a power game. Also too many matches are played these days. It is tiring for both cricketers and spectators. Pitches are flat , no turn or bounce. 
                In almost all other games there is something called off season. But in cricket there is nothing like that. There is year round cricket. I don’t think its doing anything  great to the game.
               So I wanted to stop watching cricket from some time now. But the emotional bond I have developed over the years with the likes of Sachin brings me back every time he plays cricket. So I think once he retires from cricket, I will also retire as a cricket fan.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The bait

           It was a just another pleasant summer morning . But for doctor Roberts specialised in psychiatry it was one of the most important days of his life. A day when his years long experiment on dreams is going to be tested for its practical efficiency.
Government had banned the production of medicines used for dream sharing ever since it was used by some thieves for stealing ideas from others mind. When Roberts heard about the news of stealing ideas from one’s mind with help of dreams, first thing which  struck him was the positive impact it could have on the treatment of mentally disordered patients. But he has to overcome the stiff resistance of his authorities before he could actually move forward with the experiments .  It was years of hard work and persistence that he could finally get green signal to experiment on some patients. He already succeeded with some simple cases of mental disorders. Now he want to take it to next level.  To see its effects on  violent and complicated cases.
Edwards  was the chosen patient. His wife died 3 years back in an accident. But unwilling to accept the truth, he has completely immersed himself in world of his own. He doesn’t have any touch with reality and doesn’t react to treatment.
The love for his wife was keeping him away from the reality. So if their relationship is broken then he will come back to reality. So what is the best way to break a relationship? , obviously another girl. If he falls in love with another girl then his subconscious will be forced bring down the world it created for his wife.
Catherine, one of the enthusiastic junior doctor ,  agreed to play the part. She was a good looking young lady, with great presence of mind.  Robert knew she was  right candidate for the job. He have seen her ability to handle difficult situations with ease.
Now the treatment began. It was not easy . Initially Edward’s subconscious  came hard on the intruder. It was a mentally tiring process. For  weeks Catherine was unable to move even a single step forward. Within seconds of shared dreaming  she will woke up due to severe kicks. Even though it took a toll on her mind she was unwilling to give up and her diligence slowly started to give results.
As Edward started to develop an attraction towards Catherine his mental world started collapsing. Within months  he started responding towards treatment and  came to the light of the reality.
It was a busy life for Dr. Roberts. He has to travel across the globe and conduct seminars about his new way of treatment.  Meetings, media interviews all made it difficult for him to manage his time.
One day after a long seminar he was sleeping in his hotel room. The sound of his mobile phone broke his sleep.   He was annoyed……………….. But the name  swept away his anger        “Catherine………”. He has taken leave from hospital. And it was long time since he communicated with his colleagues.
“Hey how are you katie? I was slightly busy these days so I couldn’t  contact any of you. How is life going?”
“Great . Just that we miss your guidance in hospital. And ……..” there was a long pause .
“What's it ? “
“Sir I am marrying Edward”
“What? You mean…..?”
“Yes him..”
Robert was taken by shock. They talked for a couple of minutes more. But he was unable to concentrate. He was sensing trouble. If Catherine fell in love with Edward it means even doctor is getting affected by treatment. And this treatment has already been adopted by different hospitals around the world.  So……………………………………………………………………………?