Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dimensions of our five senses

We know the three dimensions of vision :-  length, breadth and height. The technology have learned ways of artificially stimulating the effects of 3 dimensional viewing. But when it comes to other senses what are the dimensions?   Vision is a subset of the set senses. Hence  all other members of family should have some common properties of set sense . So if we can define a set of dimensions for visions , we should be able to do it with others also.
                The five senses we have are vision, touch, smell, hear and taste. So first problem we have to tackle is whether the rule of 3 is applicable to all senses. I mean does all of the sense have got 3 dimensions . Also can we include the shade or colour as a dimension for vision. I strongly believe it can be considered as a dimension, definitely, and  it should be. Because the colour is also a feature which can be recognized by the eye and we use it along with distance, length and breadth to distinguish various objects. So now effectively vision have become a four dimensional sense.
                Now consider touch. What are the features we can learn from touch. For that I will say, close your eyes and feel through various objects in your room. What are features you can feel? Smoothness of surfaces. When you pass your hands over your bed sheet and  cover of a book you will feel different levels of finishing. Temperature or hotness. You can definitely distinguish cold and hot waters with help of touch alone. And also you can define relative size of objects with the help of touch. What about direction? If you have closed your eyes and breeze pass touching your hair then you can definitely say the direction. So we have again have four dimensions. I cannot find any others. Let me know if you can find it. I want this to be an open debate.
                Smell- I think we can only say two smells are different . No other feature can be learned with help of smell. You cannot say direction or distance of smell or any other features from smell. Same is the case with taste we can just say the difference between two tastes nothing else can be derived from it.
                Hearing is much more sophisticated than above two. We can understand direction , distance  and quality of sound. You can distinguish between sound of your two friends. So sound have got the property which can be termed quality. So sound is 3 dimensional.
Now compiling above details as below
Vision – four dimensional
Length, breadth distance and colour
Touch-four dimensional
Smoothness, hotness, size, direction
Hearing-three dimensional
Direction, distance and quality
Smell-one dimensional
Taste- one dimensional

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