Sunday, January 8, 2012

I will retire along with sachin

I first started watching cricket with interest during 1996 world cup. Sachin was in great form during those days. I still remember the match between India and Windies. India was chasing a score below 200 and Sachin was hammering the ball all around. I was asking to my dad about the rules of game and all. From then on I have followed cricket with great passion.

            Even exams did not stop me from watching the game.  I was privileged to watch the game of greats like Lara,Shewag,Gilchrist,Akram,Mcgrath and many others.
             During this 15-16 years as a cricket follower there are many moments I cherish. Those which suddenly comes to my mind are……………
1. India coming back from almost a verge of test series defeat against Australia in 2001.And winning series by 2-1. Very Very  Special Laxman’s double ton is still one my favourite knocks.
2. In 1996 world cup Semi final Windies chasing Australia target around 207 and was in a great position    to win but eventually lost it by small margin owing to a batting collapse towards end.
3. South Africa’s mammoth chase against Australia.
4. Shewag’s two triple tons and ODI double ton.
5. 2005 ashes . I couldn’t  watch it live but still I have followed it closely on papers and internet and highlights.
6. Sachin double ton in ODI
7. I couldn’t remember the match but I have images of Lara dancing (He was moving along the crease with skills of a dancer)in the crease against a young Australian spinner almost destroyed him with his great skills. I haven’t seen that spinner again in international cricket. I have not seen anybody else in world cricket moving their feet with such a skill as Lara.
                There are many other memories about cricket but it is an unending list.
But over past 2-3 years cricket have started to bore me. Not many quality games are there. It have turned to be almost  a power game. Also too many matches are played these days. It is tiring for both cricketers and spectators. Pitches are flat , no turn or bounce. 
                In almost all other games there is something called off season. But in cricket there is nothing like that. There is year round cricket. I don’t think its doing anything  great to the game.
               So I wanted to stop watching cricket from some time now. But the emotional bond I have developed over the years with the likes of Sachin brings me back every time he plays cricket. So I think once he retires from cricket, I will also retire as a cricket fan.

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