Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy side

“ why do you work so hard?”
“What do you think?”
“Yes of course………..”
“So are you enjoying your  life?”
“What makes you think I am not?”
“With this 24x7 work when will you get  time to enjoy?”
“That depends on how you define your enjoyment . For me its my work  and earnings. So I don’t need any special time to enjoy. The more I work more enjoyment I get . ”
“great that’s rare. Usually people complain about work  “
“…Now tell me how do you enjoy life?”
“hmm…Earning money doesn’t please me. I want to spend it. So I spend more time spending what I earned”
“So we are on the diametrically opposite sides……”
“No.  that’s not the case. ultimately we are happy that’s what matter. You enjoy life your own way and I have my own ways.  So in the end we are on the same side the happy side. ”

The End

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