Thursday, May 17, 2012

review short film 'inganeyum oru katha'

In one of my previous posts I wrote about a short film called 'inganeyum oru katha' from a site mad about movies.  The movie is directed by shilpa krishnan shukla and has a length of about 24 minutes. It has got six characters three male and three female. One thing I found interesting was the dialogues. It was well written and interesting. The quality of dialogues in present day commercial malayalam movies is pathetic at times. Couple of days back watched a movie 'Mallu singh' in theater and to be frank this short film has got better quality in dialogues than that commercial movies.

Acting was also good. All the six actors did a great job considering the fact that they are not professionals. Casting was good. May be it supported acting part. Director has put some effort into the movie and it is not something we call a 'thattikootu padam'. There is definitely some work behind this project.

The main draw back of the movie is the lack of freshness in story. It is predictable within first 3-4 minutes and it moves in exactly same way as we picture it. So we do not feel anything as the movie ends. On the technical side the slow fading technique  used between scenes was not cool and the dialogues was not clear during some part.

But overall I would say movie is worth watching and full credit to the director. 

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