Saturday, November 10, 2012

Social networking sites

Social networking sites have changed the world we live in. ‘Is it a  better world?’ -its a debatable topic.
            Social networking sites have brought many advantages to us. I had a fourth standard friend with whom I dint had any contact for past 7-8 years but one day I suddenly got him from facebook. That’s a great feature of social networking sites. We all will have friends with whom we lost contact or someone we met during a journey with whom we want to meet again. This social networking sites provides a great platform for us to meet and share friendship. And it is cheap mode of communication. We can have a two three hour chat with someone in Europe at almost zero cost. It is like we are being part of a person living miles away from us. I am a 2011 passout. It is almost one year since I have graduated. But when I log into facebook I am getting a feeling of college, like I am still there. Everyone says college life is the best part in one’s life. So if we  are able to extend the college life that is amazing.
            While talking about social networking site we cannot neglect the negative impact it is having on productivity. People are logging into these sites from work locations, which will reduce their concentration in work and can cost a great sum of money for company and nation. That is not a healthy situation. Also there is something like social networking addiction these days. Some of users are unable to spend a day without using social networking sites. I remember a short film about social networking addiction. It was like this A man met with an accident and first thing he did was changing his status in the net. That is a funny incident in movie but it actually is a dangerous addiction as liquor or smoking.
            Possibilities of the freedom of expression given by social networking sites are some times used against the rights of others. Like morphed images, hate messages and all. Freedom of expression of one guy should not hurt others.
            If we can control the negative impacts of social networking sites then we can definitely say that it is a great gift to human kind.

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