Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attitude, personality and behaviour

Defining attitude personality and behavior is a bit tricky because all have slightly overlapping areas. So through this blog I am trying to define the above three terms based on my knowledge and assumptions.....

            It is something that is internal to an individual. How an individual view his surroundings situations etc. It arises from our belief about the way things are. Best example of attitude is job satisfaction. Due to various factors like salary, co-workers and other external factors different individuals may have varying levels of satisfaction in their job. If we have positive feeling about our job we will work more hard and better for the company.

            It is how we respond to our environment including different situations and other individuals. It is the external response of individuals which may or may not follow from our attitude. Sometimes even if we have negative feelings about our superiors we will be forced to behave in a positive way. But if our attitude will result in a positive output then our behavior will follow attitude.

            An individual’s personality evolves from various factors like heredity, environment in which he grows up and interacts with etc. It is unique for individuals like his fingerprint. Some factors like our external appearance are inherited from our parents. But that alone does not make our personality. External factors like our friends, relatives, environment plays a major role in shaping our personality.

            Our ability to influence other people will be directly related to our personality. Many highly influential leaders in the history have got a very good personality. Unlike our attitude and behavior it may be more related to how others view us as an individual.

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