Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review:- Malayalam movie 'ordinary'

Ordinary is a new Malayalam movie with Kunchakko bobban and Biju Menon in lead roles. They are portraying the roles of a KSRTC conductor and  driver in a bus to remote village Gavi . Shritha sivadas and Ann Augustine are the heroines. Baburaj, Asif Ali, Jishnu and Lalu alex are in supporting role.

The major plus point of the movie is location Gavi. Amazing scenery. I haven’t heard much about this place before watching this movie. But now I would definitely give a visit to this place somewhere in future. This movie will be a boost for the tourism in this place. This shows that there are many unexplored locations in kerala for malayalam movie industry which may give possibilities of new kind of stories.

The movie does not have a proper story structure. The buildup toward the story takes more time than the story itself.In fact first half of the movie does not have a story element. It just portrays some incidents happening in Gavi and do not have a shape of a connected story. Only towards the end of first half, story gets a move on.

Even with dragging first half director manages to keep audience interested with some jokes and funny moments. Script writers mainly use the drunkard character played by Baburaj to create humorous situations and they succeed in it. This underutilized actor once again proves his caliber. Without using usual irritating gimmicks of modern day Malayalam comedians he manages to create laughter among audience. Slang used by Biju Menon was also interesting and as usual he has done justice to his role.

About the songs I felt some of them are not fitting to the flow of movie. If songs are not fitting to the script then it is better to avoid it. Otherwise it will spoil the entire movie.  Also visual beauty of locations could have utilized in a better way in songs.

I am not planning to get into the story but the movie relies on usual suspense and ‘minimum probability twist’ trick of Malayalam movies. By minimum probability I meant usual trick of script writers in which the character who do not have a reason to commit a particular act suddenly turns out to have done that in the climax twist, supported by reasons revealed in the end. This is an overused technique and I am not a big fan anymore. But there was applause in theatre and it seems like many still likes this kind story telling. So depending on your liking for this kind of twisted climax you can decide whether to watch it or not.

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