Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be careful while using mobile phone!!!

Last week my friend shared a story from his workplace. Recently a young lady joined the company. She impressed everyone with her hard work and dedication in no time. One day she called one of the senior managers and asked permission for something over the mobile phone. He did not give her permission. Immediately after the call, senior guy got an sms from her number "He dint give permission. Such an ...............". You can fill up the blanks suitably. Actually the young lady got angry over not getting permission and she wanted to share it with one of her friends. But unluckily, in a moment's error, she sent the message to the manager's number itself and she was in trouble.

After hearing this story I started recalling incidents in which mobile phone landed me or my friends in trouble.There has been a number of occasions. Once I was in hospital talking on mobile about the death of a person admitted there (about which his wife did not know as of now). Due to some range problem the communication was not clear and my voice got slightly louder and his wife overheard. It was a sudden shock to her and everyone was angry at me. Even though unintentional, my act was totally inappropriate in that situation. Still I feel mad about that. Another experience is that of my friend. He was chatting through sms with his friend and girlfriend simultaneously. A message that was intended for girlfriend ended up in his friend’s inbox. The message was too much personal in nature and the events which followed eventually lead to his breakup with his girlfriend.  

I am sure all of you using mobile phones will have experienced some similar situations. In most cases it would end without causing much problem. But there is every chance that some times mobiles may become a cause of embarrassment for you. So be careful and have a happy mobile life..

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