Sunday, November 20, 2011

traditional health practices

My grandmother and other seniors in family follow many simple health practices. I don’t know if they have any scientific base for such practices. But still some of them seem to be highly effective.

Powder from sizzling tree for skin
             A powder made from this tree is a natural skin softener and its antigerm properties make it a good solution for many skin problems like scabies. Check the link below for more details.

Skim of milk for skin
            Skim of milk is rubbed over skin before bathing to increase whiteness of skin .You have to keep the skim for 5-10minutes before washing.

Red small onion for wounds
            You can crush the red onion and place it on the wound for curing. Keep in mind that there will be some irritation when onion comes in contact with wounds.

Ginger and sugar for stomach
            Incase you are having trouble with stomach take a teaspoon of ginger juice with sugar

Honey and lemon juice for cold
            A mixture of honey with lemon can be used for sore throat and cold.

Pineapple  for good digestion
Eating pineapple after food will help for easy digestion . Especially if You had a heavy meal.

Red small onion for ears
During my childhood when I suffer from irritations in ear my grandmother used to put 2-3 drops of juice from crushed small red onions in ear, which worked for me.

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