Friday, November 25, 2011

Simon Pegg movies

            They says that once an art is created artist dies and what remains is people who enjoy the work of art.This is applicable even to movies which is the most modern art form. The writer and director may produce whatever he wants onscreen  but it is ultimately viewers who decide whats it all about.
             Now coming to Simon Pegg movies, I like to enjoy those movies as a take on conventional beliefs. Take hot Fuzz as an example, a village and people living there who are unwilling to accept the changes and willing to do anything to prevent their village from the changing and forcefully tries to implement their moral beliefs and thoughts on entire society. I don’t want to see it as a mere action movie. I like to visualize it as a symbol of real world where moral police tries to control the entire society with what they think right or wrong. In the movie the villains are depicted as old. So they are the people who have deep routed beliefs .They are unwilling to change themselves and they won’t allow others around them to change.
                Same is with Shaun of dead. More than just a zombie movie one person infected with these moral values is trying to bring others to their group. It spreads like an infection or disease. Only a few with luck and courage can survive. You may ask all the zombie movies have same concept so what’s special about this, because this is a Simon Pegg movie. His dialogues like “Are you men of god?” makes me to believe that his movies are more than just simple movies. The more recent movie Paul about alien has more direct indications like the dialogue on Darwin’s evolution and all.
                You may agree or disagree with me, but movies are all about how you want to enjoy it. By bringing these symbolic concepts I feel the movie have got more beauty and value. Philosophies are not boring only if you are a good teacher. And I believe Simon Pegg is an extremely good teacher for such philosophical concepts.

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